Friday, May 26, 2023

Wow! SEALs use roids. Who knew? DAMN FUCKING NEAR EVERYONE!

 via AP

The investigation also dug deep into the longstanding problem of sailors using steroids and similar banned drugs as they try to pass the SEAL qualification course. The report recommends far more robust testing for the drugs — a move the Navy and the military more broadly have been slow to make — and better education for service members in order to prevent their use.

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Just plain wow.

I find this interesting.  SEALs use roids?  SEALs use meth to stay up for 5 days in a row and keep going?  Who knew?  DAMN FUCKING NEAR EVERYONE!

Anyone that's been around even a whiff of the Special Ops community knows that to do it at that level you're gonna need enhancement.

To be blunt I was told at one time that they were prescribing it for guys on certain types of missions and that the practice dated back to VIETNAM!

Make no mistake.  The training death is tragic but the reality is that this is nothing new.

What they're actually working toward is breaking the culture so they can get their first female SEAL.

This is by plan, not by chance and not out of concern about another death during BUDS.

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