Friday, September 15, 2023

BMT out with a new series of amphibious assault ships...

Very smart by BMT. What has me spinning is that the USN/USMC are both complaining about the cost of amphibious ships. Additionally they sing to the rooftops that a dispersed fleet is necessary for the survival of ships in the modern age. With that being the case then why aren't we flexing to smaller amphibious ships...all with well decks and ample hanger space? Berthing for Marines will be reduced but you could still have state of the art medical facilities etc...The logistics of getting everything ashore would be more difficult, and resupply would take much more coordination, but it sounds much more doable with several smaller amphibs than with a few bigger ones. I'm talking about amphibs in the 10K tonnage range maybe up to 15K if they have a full flight deck like the Mistral but if we leverage S. Korean and European ship building yards its definitely doable.

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