Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Nicholas Drummond brings up a scary proposition...


Can you imagine if this were to happen? Nicholas is talking about a safer place. Talks about UN action. But you do know what this ACTUALLY means right? You would see a mad max race between MOSTLY the USA and China to get those weapons. Fighting thru remnant forces. Possibly fighting each other. Dealing with a humanitarian crisis at the same time? It would be madness on steroids. NATO couldn't handle it and most European countries couldn't contribute forces because they'd be dealing with refugees. THE ENTIRE US military would have to be deployed to the effort and if China mad the decision to sit it out then they would have the rest of the globe as their playground while the USA once again saves Europe from itself.

The worst part of all this?  Globalist like the idiot Graham are probably cheering for this very scenario.  No worries though.  It'll be your kids not his.

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