Monday, September 11, 2023

Retired British Colonel gives the bad news on Ukraine. The counteroffensive is at a dead end and the West must prepare for humiliation...

I don't cheer for failure.

I shout for this war to end.

I have bitched about the way we've gone about prosecuting this thing.  The sanctions have been stupid beyond belief and while we've wasted precious time pushing for fighting instead of peace, the Chinese are gathering forces against us.

BRICs will be the challenge for the next administration.  The ground has been fertilized for fighting to break out in whole portions of the world.

Worse from a US perspective?

Our influence is waning.  Biden has said that the US is back?  Maybe in Europe because we're being used like nickel whores but in the rest of the world?  A large portion of it hates us and they damn sure don't fear us.

What messed us up?

We tried once again to wage war in a half assed fashion.  We partnered with one of the most corrupt nations in the world.  We became slaves to the greedy in that country and not the people that were actual patriots fighting and dying.

Time to cut losses.  Time to take the lick and deal with the aftermath.  Time to strengthen the homeland.  It time we got our shit together.

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