Friday, November 24, 2023

Force Design 2030 zealots better factor in the idea that Chinese Marines are gonna be conducting assaults against them...

One force design zealot said "I got skin in the game so this is how we're gonna go". I hope that son of a bitch has a few spare body bags and he carries an extra for himself. The Littoral Regiment can't stand up to this. They're gonna get mauled and be at the mercy of an enemy force. Its weird. These fools have dismantled a war winning capability, declared it no longer fashionable, decided that they want to be sailors (although the Navy doesn't appear to give a fuck about recon/counter recon from a fucking beach) and want us to believe that its still capable of offensive action. Meanwhile the Chinese have picked up what we discarded and are gonna evolve it into the monster it is. Mark my words. Historians will look back at this time in the Marine Corps as a low point. The ethos was lost and the USMC became just like every other govt agency. Ineffective/inefficient.

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