Saturday, December 02, 2023

Always bet against US allies?

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I am always amazed that people when talking about international politics are always consumed by the idea of perception.

I have to wonder if they've ever been in a real fight.  Yeah I'm comparing interpersonal relationships (madness) to international issues.

When it comes to policy I see this totally different (getting back to my fight analogy).  We have a policy basically built on bluff.  A person can huff and puff all they want, but if your opponent has decided that the fight is on then the fight is on!

You either fight back with all your power or you accept the ass beating.

What people are failing to realize is that the expansion of NATO had become a crisis for Russia.  All the huffing and puffing, all the bluster, all the hoped for economic pain was not going to deter them if they felt it was a case of national interest and power.

To continue on my track.  If you're depending on another man that doesn't know you and you don't know to step up and defend you in a time of crisis then you have failed a basic responsibility.

That's what the Europeans have done.  They've placed their own defense in the hands of the US.  They're not alone in this either.

The problem is that we've got our own problems, not a few of which have resulted from the promise to protect others and not ourselves.

Once again we have this person blaming the US for the EUROPEAN failure to supply Ukraine.  It's really not our fight.  The Europeans should have stepped up hard to do this if it was in their national interest (an argument can be made that it is).

Oh and did you notice that we're getting hit with feeling and platitudes instead of solid reasons on why this is a necessary fight?  The perception of the world?  Who really gives a fuck?

The powerhouse of the world democracy has been drained dry.  The wisdom of past leadership is nowhere to be found.  

In short don't blame us.  Blame yourselves.

Europe needs to get their act together.  Ukraine needs to get a bit of commonsense and try and save their country at the negotiating table before its too late (which it might be).

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