Thursday, December 07, 2023

S. American thieves are using jammers, ladders, hammers break into isolated high end homes near Detroit

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 Organized crews of thieves have been targeting high-end homes across Metro Detroit in recent weeks, breaking in and stealing items of value while avoiding security systems and, mostly, evading capture.

The string of burglaries are being carried out by trained thieves originating from Chile, according to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. These Chilean crews are allegedly responsible for a significant number of thefts at homes, jewelry stores, and of cars in Michigan and beyond.

In Metro Detroit, the crews have been targeting isolated, high-end homes, but the homes aren’t only in exclusive and expensive neighborhoods. Sheriff Bouchard said Wednesday that any home that fits the thieves’ criteria can be targeted, even if the homes around it might not fit the bill.

Dozens of these high-end break-ins have been reported in Oakland County since September, officials said.

Thieves are targeting expensive homes, particularly million-dollar homes, and are going after houses that have thick landscaping and/or back up to wooded areas, trees, shrubs, a golf course, trails, and the like. The thieves are using these areas to stake out the house, and wait for a time to strike, officials say.

So far, Sheriff Bouchard says the thieves hitting Metro Detroit homes appear to be nonconfrontational. If they hear someone, or something happens during a break-in, the thieves flee.


Non-confrontational?  Yeah right.  Maybe for now but that will change.

This is bad.  America ain't ready for this.  But this is the calm before the storm.

Wait till you start (no offense) seeing Brazilian, Venezuelan, Cuban and Jamaican crews start doing work.

That's really not the nightmare either.

Once the Ukrainian gangs get going along with some of the groups from Africa you're gonna see carnage.

Some of those dudes are beyond brutal.

Note that I haven't even touched on the cartels yet.

We're about to head into the days of the Wild West.  Those in power know it too.  That's why they're trying so hard to pass an assault weapons ban.

Their big problem is that they allowed rampant lawlessness for so long that even formerly anti-gun folks are gunning up.  Wait till this goes mainstream.

Shit is about to get real.

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