Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Zelensky cancels a meeting to beg for more aid from Congress...things are bad


Many are speculating, and I agree, that the Republicans do not give a shit about the rampant illegal immigration into our nation. The Senate Minority Leader (the old fool) and Sen Romney along with the warhawk Graham are all calling for further aid to Ukraine only if the US border is secured. The speculation is that its feared that Trump will win in a landslide unless the border, crime and inflation is not brought under control. Quite honestly that has to be the case. These are the same clowns that failed to impeach the DHS Sec for failing to do his job while at the same time wanting to go after the president? Its all a show. I truly believe they do not give a fuck with regard to illegal entry but for some reason are scared shitless of Trump and will only do their jobs if it keeps him from a second term.

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