Sunday, January 28, 2024

African Mercenaries in the service of the Russian Army...

Can't lie. This always fucks me everytime I see an African in Russian service. I've been schooled by Russian readers that they have many Africans attending university in Russia (never knew that...and we know what happened to Africans in Ukraine at the start of the invasion), that the Wagner Group has good relations and does much training in African nations (weird cause you see all the Nazi tattoos...but then again the original Nazis used African troops too) but perhaps more importantly Putin is a rock star on that continent (another miss by the US State Dept...Russia and China are running around all over there). This war will demand much study. The dynamics are beyond interesting and while the Western alliance is easily understood, I think many here have totally missed how much support Russia has in this conflict.


African mercenaries in service in the Russian army.
byu/PjeterPannos inUkraineWarVideoReport

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