Saturday, February 17, 2024

Avdeevka is truly a meatgrinder. The future of Ukraine is dying a horrible death there

1. Zelensky should fry in hell. No. He should face the same misery he's sending his troops into. Drink in those photos and realize that these men were ordered to stand and fight. They fought while their leaderships, both military and civilian, were partying with their wives/girlfriends and grabbing as much cash as possible from the military aid that was supposed to provide them support. Turn off this war. 

2. Monetization is just a thing. Tried to post the actual X link to this but its private which I assume is part of the monetization thing. I'm not mad and don't you be either. It's just the way of the world. Google pushed it along with getting into compliance with a myriad of new rules from the EU (what issue it is I don't know) even on this blog. 

3. Turn this war off. To see so many men die holding onto a piece of shit town instead of the focus being on saving the troops and nation is just plain crazy to me. One small town ain't worth the loss of a couple of Regiments. 

4. Ukraine has crossed the point of winning. Look at those pics again. Those are the farmers, engineers, plumbers, doctors, cops, paramedics, teachers, fast food workers...those are the nations workers...the heartbeat and the culture of the nation lying dead. Even if Ukraine wins on the battlefield they've already lost. Turn off this war.

5.  Oh forgot to add.  Avdeevka has fallen to Russia.

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