Thursday, February 08, 2024

Aviation Guys make me understand. We keep seeing Marines die in aircraft that meet the "minimum" requirements?


I saw this originally on Reddit and the refrain was that we keep losing brothers in aviation mishaps, and it might be possible that this video explains why. Its old. I don't know the context of this but the threat is there. A maintainer will not down an aircraft. If they do then the Senior enlisted will yank his qualifications.

I never knew it was this bad on the aviation side of things. Those guys are getting fucked over too.

My bad bros.  I laughed at the jokes too.  I guess everyone gets a chance to suffer in our magnificent Marine Corps.

But back on task.

I remember when Amos was trying to make the Corps aviation centric.  The weird thing is that Force Design 2030 ABSOLUTELY builds on that.  Maybe it triples the pressure because widely dispersed forces are gonna be a bitch to deploy, resupply, provide CASEVAC and either redeploy them to a new location or withdraw.

The USMC can pressure the Navy all it wants to build a "tailor made" ship but the real work horse will be rotary aviation.

Are they pushing them too hard?

Is the desire to get this plan proven causing everyone down the chain to take on unnecessary risk?

Meanwhile we have lost another 5 Marines in their prime.  Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers...their entire family is in pain.

God bless them all and may the fallen rest in peace.

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