Monday, February 19, 2024

Crazy shit I'm seeing...

 I'm gonna do a little "crazy shit I see series".

This is the latest.  

Dude was high as giraffe pussy on fenny.  Rush to his aid and he has no pulse.  Hit him with narcan.  Nothing.  Hit him again.  Nothing.  Slap him hard.  Slap him again.  Wake the fuck up bitch.  You stupid bastard wake the fuck up.  Hit him again with my last narcan. 

He starts to shake back.

Hey do you know where you're at?  Can you see me?  Yeah its rapid fire but this little fuck just departed the earth and now he's rushed back.  Need to know if he has any brain cells and I hear the pros rushing with lights and sirens to take this idiot to the hospital (love those puggy EMTs).

Yeah I'm here man.  You do know you fucked up the best high of my life don't ya.

Fuck me.

This motherfucker is chasing the high that will kill him.

We can blame China all we want but its a lie.  We have some fucked up Americans roaming our streets.

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