Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Crazy shit I'm seeing...

 * Stories are fictional and apply to no known individual.

Another day another pile of bullshit.  The city is undermanned (we are too) so we help them out.  The call is to a part of town I know well.  The "cool" part of town, the southside if you're from the south and you know what that means without me having to say.

Anyway a young male thug who just did his juvenile life and is walking around the streets for an aggravated assault is shot and lying on the ground.  God knows I really don't give a fuck.  But the cell phone cameras are out and they're recording so I give the words of encouragement and tell him that an ambulance is on the way.  Weird thing.  I get called a tom, cracker, fetch and step and tons of other shit.  What I don't see is the Klan or Aryan Brotherhood killing young black men.  As a matter of fact that would be a refreshing change, but back on topic.  Detectives arrive, crime scene is here and we have to canvas the crowd to see if anyone saw anything.  Ya know like a fucking concerned citizen.

Of course they don't say shit.  The local so called leaders will call the boss directly (not talking patrol supervisor either...think much higher) to report an ant crossing the street but when we get a shooting call, which happens much more often than the city residents know, ain't nobody seen a thing.

Get back in my ride and heading to my zone but get word to hang around.

Retaliation is expected so what was a beautiful night is turning into an ever luving shit show.  

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