Friday, February 02, 2024

Raking the forest...

 Weird days.  Sorry for the light posts.


Driving thru the backwoods.  Come across this lady raking the freaking forest.

I stop.  Ask her..."are you ok".  She says yes.  I ask her, what are you doing...she says "raking the forest and looking at rocks".

You know what this is.  I know what this is.  She's not dancing in the middle of the road, not howling at the moon.  Just raking leaves and looking at rocks.

Ok.  Be careful.  You got family around here?  Yeah they're about a mile down the road.  Ok.  Gonna check back on you in an hour ok? Yeah sure but I'm good.

Mental note added.  Drive further down and I get flagged down.  Geez.  What is this bullshit.  Not up for any shenanigans today.

Hey Deputy.  I saw where you coming from and no worries.  So and so is my mom.  I'm gonna let her do her thing before I go get her in a few so don't you worry ok.

She's about 20...been told about this family before.  Alright then...ya'll take care of business but if you need me call me.  Oh we got it don't you worry.

On to the next episode.

Raking leaves and looking at rocks in the forest.

Meth is a helluva drug.

Back to regular posts after this weekend.

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