Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Russia is attacking from 5 different directions. Don't be surprised by a sudden collapse of Ukrainian forces


A reader informed me that he had word that several Ukrainian commanders had negotiated with Russian counterparts for safe surrender of their forces. Don't know what will happen behind the lines (but that is the most dangerous place for surrendering troops...IYKYK) but I've seen vids of hesitate Ukrainian troops successfully surrendering without harm. But to the bigger issue. Ukraine is too limited in MANPOWER to blunt attacks from 5 different directions. All it will take is a collapse on 1 front and its a rout. The door could be open all the way to the Polish border.

If Russia is smart (and the above is correct) they'll push as far as possible while destroying/capturing as much of the Ukrainian military as possible and then falling back to defendable positions of their choice.

If the Ukrainians are smart then they have to look to the protection of their Army.  As long as they have an Army they're still in the game.  They should consolidate their positions and dig in HARD!  Terrain features, towns...whatever should be used to aid their defense.  Washington, Berlin, London, Paris....NATO/EU will all be alarmed and everyone will dig hard to probably rob their own national defense to keep Ukraine from falling to Russia.

What do I think will happen?

Putin has been extremely cautious.  He talks alot of shit but he will be careful not to alarm a pussified West into stumbling into direct support of Ukraine (boots on the ground).

Even if the above happens he won't push as far as he could possibly go.

Stalemate again but with different lines.

I really believe in the end the Russians want a negotiated settlement to this conflict, not the destruction of Ukraine (but I DO believe they will find and kill Zelensky).

I could be wrong but that's what I believe after watching this for awhile.

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