Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Russian Air Force is systematically destroying Ukrainian air defenses and flying "unpunished" over the front lines


Apparently the Russians have solved the "Patriot Raid" problem and are plinking any anti-air assets they see on the front. This is horrible for the Ukrainian Army. The Ukrainian Air Force (I assume they're operating by NATO doctrine) are supposed to guarantee "air dominance" for ground forces. As a matter of fact we were so convinced about the power of our air arm that even ground forces placed a low to zero priority on tactical air defenses. Drones changed the game but its changing again with air defenses being effectively rolled back. Now its a sortie race for the Russians. Keep doing what they're doing while its working and get as many planes in the air to hammer Ukrainian positions. The Ukes needs to solve this one quick or its gonna turn bad for them.

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