Wednesday, February 28, 2024

‘Space Vietnam’! That's what gamers are calling the loss of Malevelon Creek. Young guys might be a little pudgy but they're excited by the same stuff they always have been.

I gonna hit you with two completely opposite things.

First I damn near BEG you to watch a streamer of this game.  You don't have to drop the 40 bucks and play it yourself.  Just watch all the young guys geeking out on this.

Second, the US military has it all FUCKING WRONG!

This is an old fashioned shooter.  The young guys are eating it up. The military could EASILY reach these guys but they're (in my opinion) being pounded with alot of stuff that goes against the grain.

You can't push a female in gear and get the attention of a young guy unless she has big tits a big ass, is dressed as slutty as possible and gives the imagination that even the geekiest in the world can fuck her (or in the game, CONTROL her!).

Alot of female executives that had an agenda saw young guys going nuts over scantily dressed women in war games and made the false assumption that it would be readily accepted that Mary Sue that he went to school with would be seen as a fellow warrior if she put on a uniform too.

Biology don't work that way.

Want to grab a young guys attention?  Don't hit him with this woke shit.  Hit him with the idea of challenge.  Danger, hell even sacrifice and he will imagine himself being heroic.

Recruiters need to dump this woke shit and get back to basics poste haste.

As long as they show a 98 pound female going to Ranger School and easily passing then what guy that busts his ass and knows he could knock her head off is gonna want to earn that same badge?

The romance, the testosterone filled honor of the thing, the idea that you're doing what others won't is gone.

How guys that were hard as wood pecker lips forgot that is beyond me but many seem to.  Its like they've forgotten what attracted them to military service.

The success of this over the top, sci fi military shooter, overly patriotic, overly sacrificial, overly heroic video game shows that while today's kids might be some weird little fucks, the biology (which means the base desire) is the same.

Go fight bad guys.  Come home.  Get the girl.  Barring that then go out a hero and be remembered forever.

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