Monday, February 05, 2024

The US "has a duty to warn". We even warned Iran of a terror attack. So did we warn Israel on Oct 7th?

 Do you remember just a little while ago when terrorist attacked Iran and how our State Dept stated that the US has a duty to warn and notified Iran?

The attack on Iran was relatively minor.  Certainly much smaller than what we saw on Oct 7th.

We can assume that the US warned Israel.  We can assume that certain nations in the EU also got wind and even if we weren't aware they would have notified us, and then we would have notified Israel.

What I'm saying is that the attack was horrific, but we're missing a very important piece in all this.

Someone screwed up big.

It was either incompetence, politics, pure evil or maybe all three.

Another thing bothers me.

Netanyahu was in big time trouble before the attack.  He was about to be ousted.

Everytime I think about this thing it keeps circling back to Netanyahu and those around him.

If you have the means to stop an attack or at least warn those of being attacked and do nothing that makes you a monster.

Enough musing.  What I'm saying is that I find it difficult to believe that Netanyahu and/or the Army Chief didn't know this was coming.  If they knew and did nothing to protect their people then they're worse than the terrorists.

The only thing I can't figure out is why aren't more people in Israel asking ANY questions on this.

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