Thursday, February 22, 2024

Ukraine will be able to use F-16s for strikes on the territory of Russia, NATO chief Stoltenberg says

Easiest way to figure out exactly how this war is going is to simply follow the talking heads (in this case govt officials) on what is and isn't allowable under their changing rules.

At one time F-16s were a defensive weapon.  They were to be used to defend Ukrainian airspace.


Now they're talking about strikes deep into Russia.

Forget any thought about the enemy response to such an attack.  Ignore the idea that as soon as these strikes are carried out that Russia will probably savage Kyiv and other cities (military targets are scattered throughout those cities).

In other words we're on the verge of another escalation.

I guess its to be expected.  When you're losing territory and you're looking for a hail mary pass the once idiotic seems appealing.

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