Saturday, February 10, 2024

Zelensky just doomed Ukraine....Zaluzhny is out, the ‘butcher’ is in

 Good God!  I didn't think things could get worse for Ukraine but with this appointment they just did.  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE but when you have a commander this unpopular and KNOWN for wasting the lives of his men then nothing good can happen.  Just a few snippets from POLITICO but make sure to read the entire article (HERE !!!)

“Very bad decision,” a Ukrainian military captain told NatSec Daily. The captain, like others, was granted anonymity to avoid retaliation or to provide their unvarnished opinion.

Another person knowledgeable of Syrskyi’s operations echoed that view. His appointment is unlikely to have a positive effect for Ukraine, as Syrskyi is seen by those on the frontlines as a stern Soviet-style general who callously puts his men in danger.

This person added that Ukrainian troops have given Syrskyi a gruesome nickname: “Butcher.” The captain confirmed that the nickname has stuck, as has “General200” — which stands for 200 dead on the battlefield.

The negative reviews keep pouring in: “General Syrski’s leadership is bankrupt, his presence or orders coming from his name are demoralizing, and he undermines trust in the command in general,” a Ukrainian military officer posted on X. “His relentless pursuit of tactical gains constantly depletes our valuable human resources, resulting in tactical advances such as capturing tree lines or small villages, with no operational goals in mind.”

Read it all (yeah I'm repeating myself) and pray for those guys. They're being led by the devil himself and he wants to fill hell with fresh souls. 

I'm convinced that Zelensky is a fool and he just doomed Ukraine.

One Ukrainian soldier summed things up nicely (but sadly).

A Ukrainian soldier also tweeted a message in a group chat of veterans of the Bakhmut fight: “We’re all fucked.”

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