Sunday, March 31, 2024

Christianity has been bastardized and its "leaders" corrupted. Jesus ain't weak and will lay that wood to that ass....

I'm talking about the black baptist church in the following rant. Legalized fraud. A legalized hustle. Little castles built in the middle of  poor communities that actually need to hear the word. But no. You'll hear about 10min of a jacked up view of the word (oh its an hour sermon but most of it is SOME GODDAMN GIBBERISH!!), 30min of singing by the choir. A few prayers by the "movers and shakers" that call themselves deacons. And a passing of the plate at least 6 times (I'm talking about 30 min time total for this exercise). 

I marvel. 

These fucking pimps in suits, driving Mercedes (talking about the car, not the female they fucked late Saturday night) are taking money from old ladies and men that are on fixed income barely scraping by. They're hurting. They get into a pinch and what is done by the church that they reach out to for help? 

"A moment of prayer for the so and so family. They're going thru hard times."  

Meanwhile I'm looking at this building we're in that is a fucking cathedral. Sound systems, viewing screens...ya'll know the deal.

Why did I say all that?

Because its Easter.  Because God is gonna lay some serious wood to the asses of these bastards that played with his word and led people astray.

I hope you understand what I'm saying and I don't mean to trigger anyone but....FUCK RELIGION, EMBRACE SPIRITUALITY!

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