Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Its spooky as hell to watch a drone hunt down an individual soldier

This is crazy. Watching a drone chase down and kill a soldier. The craziest thing? Its not the battlefield that has me shook. Its what could come to the streets of ANY major city. Power lines? Gone by one drone by some crazy. Power stations? Same. Water treatment plants? Police Station? Police Units? Fire Stations? Fire Trucks. Public Officials? The list goes on. Terror is about to go on a meth binge once the weird ones figure out that one cheap drone can cause massive mayhem. The battlefield problem will eventually sort itself out but how do you solve the issue in the civilian world? I'm generally against bans but banning the sell, manufacture and import of ALL drones might be the only solution...and then you create a black market where even ma/pa will probably want one.

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