Friday, March 01, 2024

People on "collapse" Redditt are predicting WW3. Now I get it. The IDF has been massing armor on the Lebanon border

Before I go much further I want to put out this reminder of why the IDF was ordered to attack the Gaza strip. Barbaric crimes were committed against the citizens of Israel. Many families were killed while huddled together. Women raped and savaged in ways that are disgusting to even those that are hardened to such things.

But back on task.

I have an issue with this.  Militarily Hamas is about finished and according to one IDF soldier they have only about 6 battalions left.

That's huge. The current crop of Hamas militants are all but thru. The job has been done.  The lawn has been mowed.

So why go after Hezbollah?  Let's be honest here.  Their participation in support of Hamas has been tepid at BEST!  They (at least from I've seen and I admit we have a limited view on the net) have talked alot but done alot less than they could have.

To conduct an invasion of Lebanon seems like following the orders of a madman.  I see no indication that the IDF is ready for such activity and I additionally believe that their warstocks will not support it.

The US is tapped, although I support the state of Israel I believe that to take such actions at this time will bring on unintended consequences that could doom the Jewish state UNLESS the US puts boots on the ground.

I can't get with that.

Many are gonna say about time but I'm modifying my position.  I support Israel but I think Bibi needs to go.

The IDF needs to finish off Hamas and deal with the remnants. Then the state needs to deal with Bibi, the IDF Chief, the Chief of Israeli Intel and claim the scalps of those that allowed this attack to happen when they were fully aware that it was coming (and I truly believe that they knew  and were WARNED that it was coming).

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