Tuesday, April 02, 2024

CV90C is in Ukraine...

The CV90C IS in Ukraine and is on the frontlines in the fight there.  Some here might have already known that but I didn't and asked about it on the blog.

Luckily enough BAE reached (thanks guys...thought you were still mad about me wondering if the ACV fit with Force Design 2030) and gave me a little background.

First the vehicle is "beefier" than the standard model and gained 5 TONS of armor (the original is 23 tons, the C 28 tons).  Mobility hasn't been drastically affected (I would guess that its acceleration and reverse are a bit lower) and since its sporting that fabulous 40mm Bofors and has excellent elevation its probably involved in the anti-drone war too.

Two things.  Nice on BAE to reach out.  They didn't have to and most corporations don't.  Second.  I'm looking at this from my chair and this appears at least to me to be the best tracked IFV.

Yeah.  I do like the the upgrades to the Bradley, the Tulpar, the Lynx, spare me the Puma...that vehicle is a mess, the AJAX might be ok once they work it out, and the K21.

But the CV90 seems to be the best of breed.

Change my mind. Oh and for the clowns in the crowd.  I SAID THAT IN THE ORIGINAL BLOG POST!!!

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