Wednesday, April 17, 2024

I am stunned and amazed (yeah I'm stupid) at how easily Washington, DC turned Louisiana native House Speaker Johnson into a puppet...


This fucker is a complete sellout.  All the promises about securing the border are forgotten and its all about Ukraine with just a side mention about Israel to try and get the Bible Belt to support this bitch ass supplemental.

The two party system is a joke.

I never REALLY understood the power of the Military Industrial Complex.

They own our govt which is a major part of why the US is continuously at war.

Its bad enough that we have enemies trying to fuck us, but now we have to add the govt to that list?


We're in a hurt locker.  We can't give up but FUCK!

To put it in street terms, how did the US go from being a certified, will fuck you up in a heartbeat shot caller to becoming the world's bitch?  The pussification of America is accelerating.

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