Thursday, April 18, 2024

Israel or rather Bibi is making a huge mistake by conducting a retaliatory strike on Iran...

 I don't get the Israeli rational on striking Iran.

They had European countries AND the US sending fighters and warships to knock down Iranian missiles.

The Iranians conducted what I consider a limited strike.

Bibi is stating that they have to retaliate because of (paraphrasing) that showing weakness by not striking would be provocative.

I disagree.

They've lost the public relations war.  Correction, they lost the manufactured anti-Israel public relations war.  Being pro Hamas is a new reason for being for the elite left and their camp followers.

A retaliatory strike risks expanding the war.

So why do it?

I think because Bibi needs the war to continue.  The second there is a pause in fighting the Israeli public will return to investigating him.  His govt will certainly fall.  His return to power will be doubtful.

This is his legacy moment and he's in it to set his place in history.

Self over country is always dangerous.  Israel is in danger right now with its current leadership...just like the US, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Brazil, and a few other modern societies I forget at the moment.

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