Monday, April 15, 2024

Israel says it has no choice but to strike back....I get it but...


I don't know the background on everything going on but I do know this.

The Biden Admin was caught engaging in back channel negotiations with Iran to get them to reel in the Houthis when they were striking civilian shipping.

Like I said (don't know who the talking head was but to think that Iran has expended its magazine in that paltry attack is laughable) the attack was magnitudes less than what I thought it would be.

Israel is in a tough neighborhood.

The Biden admin doesn't seem to realize it but in certain parts of the world, weakness is provocative.  Words don't mean shit.  Its the fist holding a weapon that have sway.

So I get the IDF saying it has no choice but to strike back.

My question is simple.

When is enough, enough?  What will it take to keep this from turning into a full fledged regional war?

Once again Bibi gives me pause.

Right now they're fighting Hamas.  If they add Iran to the mix then you're adding the Houthis and Hezbollah into the fight too.

WTF happened where we can't control the countries that we prop up?

First Ukraine got off the chain and crazy ass Zelensky started doing shit to expand the war in Europe, now we have crazy ass Bibi doing the same?

I'm a nobody and I can see that this is at the very least strategically stupid.

Why can't they?

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