Monday, April 15, 2024

PVC slingshot arrow...

With so many new immigrants coming to our shores we're about to see some different weapons come to the front. Not the usual pistol (majority of the time), rifle (very few), knife (damn near universal) but new shit like slingshots.

We've seen the havoc that machetes are doing in Europe and the UK, but slingshots are a huge weapon for people in certain parts of the world for harvesting game, defense etc...

You add arrows to the mix and you have something hideous.  Check out the pic below...

I don't go NEAR the woods (there are woods then there are woods...IYKYK) during bow season.

These four bladed arrowheads are savage enough but four bladed mechanical arrowheads?  VICIOUS!

I'd rather be shot than hit with one of those things (I don't even know if you could stop the bleeding if hit with one and yeah...they're going thru your vest).

The gangs of thieves from S. America will either stay up north or get rounded up when they head south.  Not so much a worry. Its some of the others that pause me up.

New arrivals equal new dangers but the public ain't talking about it yet.

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