Wednesday, April 10, 2024

US donates seized weapons to Ukraine...we keep establishing norms that will bite us in the ass...


If we had arms from the war in Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria and we transfered them to Ukraine then I'd say ok. I still think our policy on Ukraine is jacked up but they obviously don't so fuck it. But this? I'm far from a fan of Iran. I do believe they're involved in some heinous shit. But to basically sieze an arms shipment because WE declared it illegal (if there is law backing up the seizure then correct me) and then to do this seems off. The cowboy stuff is gonna bite us. What happens if we send arms to Taiwan and China declares it illegal and suddenly they seize our stuff? Didn't we kinda set the precedent on this? Hopefully some you Sailor types can get me up to speed on the laws of the sea and explain how this isn't piracy/privateering..whatever they call it.

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