Friday, May 17, 2024

‘A big mess is brewing’ Thousands of Russian fighters are flooding into Libya


In the past three months, Russia has begun actively transferring military personnel and mercenaries to Libya, according to Verstka’s findings. These forces are primarily concentrated in eastern Libya, a region under the control of Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army and a Kremlin ally. (The western part of the country, including the capital, Tripoli, is governed by the U.N.-recognized Government of National Accord.)

A source within a Libyan security agency reported that at least 1,800 Russian military personnel have arrived in the country in the last two weeks alone. Some were dispatched to Niger, while others remain in Libya awaiting further orders.

One serviceman told journalists that he and several hundred other special forces soldiers were redeployed from Ukraine at the beginning of the year. Several thousand more fighters — both professional soldiers and mercenaries from Wagner Group’s Africa operations — arrived in Libya between February and April. In conversations with journalists, the soldiers themselves acknowledged that their presence in Libya is unofficial. They said that they’re there as part of a private military company, though they didn’t specify which one.


Well damn.  Just earlier today I asked what made SOCOM unique in their mission set.  I stated that raids were not "special" and that any decent infantry unit could conduct them.  Long range patrol is outdated with UAV and aerial recon.  Why send a man where you can send a tool?

I concluded that operations behind enemy lines sounded right but not against peer opponents.

I also stated in a different post that we were headed to the age of worldwide proxy wars.

That is WHERE SOCOM will find its use in the future.

I've also stated that Africa would be the battleground.  I think we're seeing it all come together.

The US just got kicked out of a number of countries and Russia is flowing in now?  China has already established on the continent and Western hubris has alienated damn near every nation there?

SOCOM has found the location of its next big fight and the source of its future funding.

They're gonna be running non-stop ops in Africa and its gonna get ugly.  No worries for conventional forces cause they're gonna be busy supporting them.  Hell even a few infantry battalions will likely get some trigger time while doing perimeter security for everyone from Rangers to even freaking SEALs?

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