Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Society is being manipulated and they told us so

Remember. They told us that we were food on the table and that they're basically eating us up. A society of more than 300, almost 400 million people are being manipulated and most are HAPPILY accepting that manipulation.

The audacity comes from telling those that you're using, that you're using them is stunning to me.

I've been trying to figure out when it all started turning.  The best I can come up with (and I could EASILY be so wrong here) is towards the end of the Vietnam War.

The first step was to try and popularize an unpopular war.  Once they lost Walter Cronkite things became clear to them.  They had to own the new media and that would ensure proper control of information to the public.  The rest is sad history.

It accelerated from there.  Reached its zenith (or what should have been its zenith, with a huge course correction) when Bush Jr persuaded America (me too) that we had to invade Iraq to get the terrorist that attacked us.  An international police action (literally police action, not police action like Vietnam was called) against Bin Laden with Special Ops support was what we needed.

Instead the bastard son of Bush Sr launched an invasion of two countries.

We bought the bullshit (I take my share of blame) instead of pushing back against it.  That was our chance to get it right. What happened instead was that corporate America, Neo-Cons, Globalist etc...all picked up on the various tools to bend us to their will.

We let them.

We're fucked.

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