Saturday, June 08, 2024

Bold Rescue Operation by the Israelis. But what about the others...


A couple of things shock me about this.

The first is the rescue operation itself.  You save those you can but I can't help but think that the retaliation against those left behind is gonna be beyond savage.  Let's be real.  The IDF and the Israeli govt are really negotiating over MOSTLY body recovery, not live hostages.

Next is the units involved.  Deploying a police unit into a combat zone?  Yeah we've done it (most notably US Marshal's...those dudes can FUCKING SHOOT!!!!) and some of those guys are definitely combat capable...both on the streets of America and abroad.

But they're one of the few I've seen that can actually hook and jab at that level.  The idea of the Israelis sending in a police unit to participate in the rescue makes me wonder WTF.  I don't know their real capabilities but the ratio of special ops to conventional units in their force structure is rather high.  Correction.  Extremely high.  I'd say approaching damn near half their forces.

I wasn't there so I don't know.  Wasn't even close.  I just hope they know what they're doing.

This war has been confusing as fuck.  Oh and let me hit you with this.  All this took place with a ceasefire proposal in front of Hamas (damn...along with the "forced" ceasefire proposal, the IDF high command has also been talking about making a run at Hezbollah in the North....damn, damn, damn!).

I'm just not getting any of it.

Its almost like they're caught in a fight for the sake of fighting cycle.  That's a terrible place to be.

Hamas is done by my back of the napkin calculations so I have to wonder is this about national or political survival at this point?

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