Saturday, June 08, 2024

First operational deployment of the French Jaguar (Scorpion Program) Armored Vehicle...


Small sidenote.  The Scorpion Program, and the Jaguar IFV/Recon vehicle were started before we saw the revolution in drone warfare.

While we still haven't seen major forces adjust their vehicles (tactics are being developed but counters are few and far between) to the drone threat, what happens to programs when we see something revolutionary swoop in?


1.  Pause the program to verify what we're seeing and adjust accordingly even at the expense of added costs?

2.  Kill the program and start over knowing that past assumptions no longer apply?


3.  Continue the program and see if we can make what we're buying work?

I ask because the French seem to be caught on the horns of that dilema.

The Scorpion was a comprehensive wheeled vehicle fleet for their medium forces that could flex into both peer competition and out of area operations.

Many of the assumptions made no longer appear valid.  A recon vehicle the size of the Jaguar?  Even if it fights for info its still a huge target on the modern battlefield.

Which option should the French have chosen?

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