Thursday, June 13, 2024

The bureaucrats are in control now. Believe your eyes. Joe needs to go to his front porch...

We've been saying it for the past year and a half. If Joe Biden had a loving wife and family he would be on his front porch enjoying his grandkids and looking back on his life.

Joe Biden doesn't have that so I pity him greatly.

What has me spinning is if its as bad as it looks (it looks terrible and remember this is after they've drugged him up)then that means the bureaucrats are running this nation.

We're fucked.  Joe Biden isn't loved by those closest to him...and every intel service (friend and foe) is making note of this weakness.

America is probably in the middle of its most vulnerable state in many many decades.

You can bet the sharks are circling...the general public just don't know.

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