Saturday, June 08, 2024

The Porcupine Warship MUST make a comeback...

The above pic is just used to illustrate my point.

Look how smooth and streamlined that vessel looks.  Pretty damn awesome.  Now use your minds eye to remember WW2 cruisers and battleships.

They were for the most parts ugly beasts.  Bristling with big guns, anti-aircraft guns, torpedo bulges for protection.  Big crews to take on battle damage.

Pretty they weren't.  Effective?  Hell yeah.

In this modern era we've got to get back to the days of porcupine warships.  Quad anti-aircraft cannon mounts along with the same number of rolling missile mounts.

I'm talking about ships bristling with weapons.

Oh and while we're focusing on the air threat we need to be aware that things will evolve to where the surface and subsurface threats will escalate too.

High tech looking, stealthy, "smooth" looking warships should become a thing of the past.

If you're not stacking weapons upon weapons upon weapons to ensure that every arc is covered isn't part of your plan then you're an idiot.

Oh and that applies to amphibs, auxiliary ships (tankers) etc...too.

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