Thursday, June 13, 2024

You excited about the new Leopard with unmanned turret? The Chinese validated the Legacy USMC's concept of tank operations days ago in their new thinking on MBT operations!

I hate that work has been so busy lately. I wanted to get some info out earlier this week but fuck it. We'll do it live like RIGHT NOW!

First thing out the pipe is that the Leopard MBT with an unmanned turret is taking X by storm.  Everyone is talking about it, everyone seems excited (don't know why we've seen this concept since the 60's) and most are wanting it now.

Ok.  Cool.  You do you.

It's 2024.  If this old concept that has been dug up, dusted off and rebranded floats your boat then who am I to judge.

But if that excites you then what should have you paused up saying what the fuck is the Chinese view of future armored warfare.  Check out the tweet below.

If you don't know then let me tell ya. The Chinese just validated the USMC's concept of using tanks as INFANTRY SUPPORT PRIMARILY and anti-tank vehicles as a distant second.

To take it a step further they also just put a huge checkmark on the Booker M10 that the Army is rolling out (yeah the turret is manned NOW but I'm betting that'll change in the next 10-15 years max...a major redesign is coming), remember the Army is calling it a Mobile Gun other words INFANTRY SUPPORT!!!

The Marine Corps was ahead of the curve and threw it all away only to have to rebuild it again in the near future.

The USMC is lost.  The Chinese and US Army are spitting it our faces and we know it.  How the FUCK Marine Corps leadership could have gone off on this tangent, see the huge mistake but keep marching is beyond me but keep an eye on our competitors.

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