Friday, July 05, 2024

Big city police depts are gonna have to adopt tactics used overseas to combat "moped/motorcycle" criminals...


(NSFW) Viet's Special Criminal Police chase bandits on motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
byu/Parasyte-vn innextfuckinglevel
You ever chase a motorcycle? If the guy is good you're not gonna catch him and even to keep up you're gonna endanger the public. It just ain't happening. Don't see much of it in rural communities but in big cities? Yeah its a problem. With all the "new arrivals" and with many of them having a crime background the big city pd's are gonna have to setup moped/motorcycle units to combat the problem. It just makes sense. Imagine a traffic jam and the bad guys are splitting lanes and zooming away. Fight fire with fire. Give it a year and this will be the next big thing in law enforcement.

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