Friday, July 05, 2024

Marines Want to Shut Down Sea Lines of Communication in a Pacific Fight


Hey all.  Do me a favor and look at the above map.  Take note of where Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines are in relation to Taiwan.

I've stated previously that the nations of the Pacific are MUCH different than Europe.

In the Pacific you're looking at age old fights and hatreds that still linger to this very day.

Now think about this.  Which of the above countries is gonna actually get into a fight with China over Taiwan.  Japan?  Yeah, at least for now.  The Philippines?  Maybe.  They're getting harassed and probed by the Chinese on an almost daily basis.  We're providing no help so when push comes to shove will they actually let the Marine Littoral Regiment launch missiles from their shores?  Vietnam?  They hate the Chinese, were actually in a fight with China (won) but they're practical.  Will they get between Godzilla and Kong in a fight over Taiwan?  I seriously doubt it.

Berger and now Smith, along with the same cast of characters put together a plan that just won't work.  It is just too damn light to fight.  Too big to sustain.  Too limited to make a difference.

All that "sense and make sense" bullshit they've spouted is just to feel better.

They labored hard and produced a steaming pile.  No matter how much Pentagon-ese you try and use, no matter how professorial you attempt to speak the reality is that when you peel it all away its trash.  

Check out the death throes of a failed concept.  via USNI News

The idea behind the Marine Corps Force Design innovations, started under his predecessor Gen. David Berger, is the ability to influence China’s behavior by “shutting down the sea lines of communication” from dispersed forces and precision strike, Smith said. 

So the Littoral Regiment is gonna stop Chinese shipping and warships by launching a few missiles from shore?  The ocean is a big place.  Don't see it happening.

 He added a dispersed force can thwart an enemy’s planning and operations. The littoral combat regiment also is capable of attacking and destroying a naval base.

“We still have MEFs [Marine Expeditionary Forces], aviation” to back those regiments up. He added with the dispersed three littoral combat regiments in the Indo-Pacific, “we’re still big enough to demonstrate a knock-out punch” especially when combined with submarines, Army multi-domain units and anti-ship missiles.

The MLR can attack and destroy a naval base?  Are you fucking kidding me!  That heart medicine must be fucking with his mind.

 Like shipbuilding, munition production “needs a steady, stable demand signal” from the Department of Defense, the services and industry itself. He called this “Job One” and warned against drawing on the nation’s war reserves to meet today’s demand.

The Chairman of the JCS and ALL the members should have been shouting this at least a year ago.

This fall. 

Right before the election.

If I was the Chinese President that's when I would take Taiwan. It would take awhile but you can rest assured that America will be in political turmoil whoever wins the election, coordination with Russia with a massive push in Ukraine would force us to make a choice and if we're being honest the US leadership despite all their talk has a European bent to their politics.

If Russia can put Ukraine on the brink (and I believe China, Iran and N. Korea will supply them lavishly...we need to keep on eye on that) at the sametime China is ready to go then Taiwan will be sacrificed to save Ukraine.

We don't have the depth to handle to major wars at the same time. 

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