Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Turtle Tanks, "Cope Cages" & Modified Vehicles in Ukraine - Purpose, Evolution & Effectiveness

A reader in the Pacific (not gonna name him cause it might shame him) put me on to this guy's videos and he's right. They're good and informative. If you aren't following him you should. I enjoyed the vid, not sure I agree with him but this fight is kinda off the "front page" of my mind. Its just a grind. A bloody grind but a grind none-the-less. It's WW1 with modern weapons. They're even using trenches and no man's land. The only thing of interest is if the US Army could actually maneuver in this type of hellscape (the USMC is out of the offensive action business and because of that soon to be out of business all together). Could they? If they were involved in that fight would they be using "cope cages" or "turtle tanks"?

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