Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Australian plan for enhanced strike capabilities in one snap.


It Looks Like A C-130 Seaplane Is Finally Happening via THE DRIVE


This is darn curious.  Why modify a C-130 instead of buying a purpose built model from our Japanese allies?  The drag on this thing seems like it would be HUGE.  Range limited.

Regardless.  If Air Force Special Ops develops this then you can bet Berger will push so hard to get these in the Marine Corps that he'll develop hemorrhoids.

How long before they try and flex it into a full on amphibious gunship or Harvest Hawk.

Somewhere in the South China Sea ...


This Army Armor Officer's confidence is kinda inspiring

I wonder if he believes all the shit he's talking? If he does then that's fucking awesome! Did anyone notice the distinction he put on this?  Large Scale Ground Combat Ops.  Not counter-insurgency/small wars shit.  He's talking about full scale no holds barred, grab an objective/own the ground type warfare.  With that being the case I kinda believe him!

What is going on with this Chinese Wheeled Armored Amphibious Combat Vehicle?


Yeah. What the fuck is going on with the piping? Don't need it for any add on armor...not "regular" or flotation! Just plain weird. Any ideas?

This Milley thing is getting a life of its own...

You ever see cops on patrol. Dudes on the corner take off. The chase is on. You ask the LEOs why did you chase them. The answer? Cause they were running. That's what this Milley thing is. People are chasing it cause its running. They don't know why they should chase it but cause its running they're chasing it.

We just lost another war.

We had a crazy ass withdrawal that was at times moments away from a rout.

We lost Marines, a Sailor and a Soldier in a suicide attack cause we depended on the Taliban for security.

We droned an innocent man and several children to death for what appears to be political reasons.

Yet a writer selling a book is causing an uproar over a left leaning General that edged to the line while the entire country was edging to the line?  

When you had the Speaker of the House damn near demanding that the US military get involved in the election?  


Military/Political Twitter is chasing shit and don't even know why.

Blast from the past (2013)...Bagram Air Field covered in snow...