Friday, January 28, 2022

25th IDs 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Broncos) leadership conducts helocast and beach PT

Nothing to see here. Just a little "leaders recon" into the wonderful realm of amphibious operations. Small beginnings lead to big things.....still think our mission is safe while we transition from an assault force into a "stand in" unit? Remember. Speed bumps are designed to be run over!

Open Comment Post. 28 Jan 2022

Shots of Korean K2 and German Leopard 2A7V in Norway via @ronkainen7k15 Twitter page

Chinese army aviation brigade of the Tibet Military Region conducted mixed formation flight training.

25th ID ’s Division Artillery and Combat Aviation Brigade conduct sling load elevator drills ... by Sgt Jessica Scott


Russian forces on exercise near Ukraine (pics) via

Note. Looks cold and muddy. That matter what side you're on.

Next Generation European GBAD

NTC Decisive Action Rotation 22-03 (Nite Fire)

Littoral Exercise I with 2d LAR ... by Lance Cpl. Brian Bolin Jr.

Joint Freefall Operations ... by Lance Cpl. Lorenzo Ducato