Thursday, June 23, 2022

Germany triggers the "alert level" of the gas emergency plan.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Ok. My readers want max shoot & scoot capability on wheeled artillery vehicles? Then you want BAE's Archer

Logistics is gonna have to be on point. I believe it carries only 18 rounds ready to go (need to check but no time). But if shooting and scooting is the key to survival then this is hard to beat.

FNSS product overview...

Note. I'm an unashamed fan of FNSS. Great products and they're working hard to be the best everyday. Glad to see them putting out vids again.


French 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment train on the Jaguar Armored Recon Vehicle

Hyundai Rotem introduced the concept of a new generation wheeled armored vehicle, ready after 2035

Cdr Salamander has it right!

Fed Chair Jerome Powell admits that "Putin's War" IS NOT THE MAIN CAUSE OF HIGH INFLATION!

Sky Warden NNbS....

A neat compact and lethal system with a useful payload of missiles. This is what the "Stand In Force" needs. They're still gonna get micro fragmented but this will keep them in the fight a little longer.

Eurofighter "Growler"?

This makes sense.

Not sure the Eurofighter (or any fighter) is the proper platform but everything I've read lately about the next big fight talks about jamming, being jammed and degraded communications.

So why the Navy would even tout the idea of mothballing the EA-18G is beyond me.

I don't think the current (or projected) crop of UAVs will get the job done either.

I believe you need a G550 electronic attack variant is the way.

Arquus Upgraded VAB MK3