Monday, January 23, 2023

Open Comment Post. 23 Jan 23

Check out this vid by Tucker on Nixon & the Watergate break-in

Lots of claims in this one and lots of easily verified info too. If this is true then GOD DAMN! The US public has been being played for a long time.

22% of India's citizens view the US as their greatest threat...

Well you can pretty much stick a pin in the idea of adding India to a list of nations that we can count on in an alliance against China. India will go their own way. The British really did soil any potential relationship with the West.

Argentina to procure Brazilian made Iveco Guarani 6x6 armored vehicles

I really expected this vehicle to have much greater export success. Wonder what's holding it back.

The brinicle of death

Sunday, January 22, 2023

This is slightly disturbing. A preying mantis eating a humming bird....

Spiders eating birds I get. A freaking monitor lizard eating a goat I get. An anaconda gobbling up people I get. But for some reason this seems a bit off and I can't figure out why.


Open Comment Post. 22 Jan 23

The war in Ukraine offers the United States a "unique opportunity" to displace the German arms industry: "It's about money, power, and influence."


I was so stupid.

It's always about following the money.

We (you and me) always get wrapped around the tactics, the reasons for things when in reality its always about money, power and influence in the end.

So what is at play?

Russia and Ukraine fight themselves to a stalemate.  Perhaps even better for industry would be an ongoing low level war that allowed the rest of the world to go back to relatively normal when occasional skirmishes happen over various pieces of real estate.

The US Army has 4K Soldiers in Romania.  Large contingents in Poland (and growing), Germany and a sizable naval base in southern Europe.

Militarily daddy is home and the kids are thrilled to see him.

The defense industry (USA industry) is suddenly the lead dog again.  The buy European mindset that had been taken hold is broken because Germany made the mistake of challenging conventional thinking and tried to prevent what is happening.

To be frank Zelensky walked them into a trap.

The Germans and the French (gotta give Macron credit) were pushing to shut this thing off, because for Europe they won't win no matter WHO wins.

Cheap energy for the continent is a dead deal now.  Between the climate change movement, the end of Russian natural gas and oil, its fate is sealed.

The fever pitch about this war has peaceful Europe protesting to the Germans to send Leopards.

Every Leopard that is sent will be replaced with Abrams...along with their parts, upgrade packages that will go to General Dynamics.

Most of Europe's defense industry is German based (or heavily partnered with them).

Not only are future armor vehicle development in trouble but so is aviation, maybe even space.

Macron got the memo and is hyper charging French defense by boosting their spending to an almost obscene level.

Germans are still dazed and confused but there is no way out.  

The puppet in Ukraine just put Europe in the USA's back pocket.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

More classified documents found at Biden's home...

Biden made one mistake.

He overplayed his hand and didn't realize his position.

The moment he stated that he would run for re-election is the moment that he sealed his fate.  The deep state has used him up.  He is no longer an asset but rather a problem to be solved.

The document scandal (mixed with his arrogance) led to this outcome.  He won't be impeached but he will be damaged to such a degree that he will default to his proper role as a figurehead leader of the US govt.

Chinook helicopters could cost Germany twice as much as planned

via Reuters
 Germany's planned purchase of 60 Chinook heavy-lift helicopters manufactured by Boeing (BA.N) to replace its ageing CH-53 fleet could cost twice as much as planned, Business Insider reported on Thursday, citing several government and industry sources.

Six billion euros ($6.47 billion) had been budgeted for the helicopters, but the U.S. Army has signalled to Germany that the desired equipment is cost-intensive as some components have not even been fully developed, the German news outlet said.


So the Germans are gonna pay for the US Army's upgrades?

Fucking fantastic!

The Germans are taking a pounding.  They're (in my opinion) trying their best to preserve a bit of European independence, while at the same time pleasing their fellow nations in a jacked up war and trying to get their military upgraded while Boeing and the US Army hustle the hell outta them.

Just plain wow.  Sucks to be them.