Saturday, September 23, 2023

Open Comment Post. 23 Sep 23

Wait what? Armenia no longer to be an independent state?

Possibly for the best. They were about to get wrecked and annexed anyway. Azerbajan wasn't playing. Need more details on this move though.

Friday, September 22, 2023

USMC Amphibious Combat Vehicles on exercise....


82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers participate in airborne water operations


Nature and the Pentagon abhores a vaccum. If the Marine Corps will not do amphibious operations and swings to being recon-counter recon for the joint force then the US Army MUST do the job. From everything I'm seeing it looks like they're gearing up to get it done.
A U.S. Army Paratrooper assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division jumps out of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter during a Jumpmaster Leader Development Airborne Water Operations exercise over Jordan Lake in Apex, N.C., Sept. 14, 2023. The daytime, non-tactical, water jump was designed to acquaint jumpmasters with planning and executing airborne water operations, while also demonstrating proficiency and confidence. (U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Aiden O’Marra)

Some real OLD skool wisdom....

I totally agree with this but sometimes its necessary to unleash the beast. It's 2023. All cannot be forgiven. Sometimes ya got to fly your flag and cause mayhem to avenge a wrong...but who am I foolin'.  We're all so cowered in corners that we see evil striking all around and expect a justice system that isn't just to take care of things.  We're so twisted that we care more about criminals than we do their victims.

Late Open Comment Post. 22 Sep 23

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki: I want to tell President Zelensky to never again insult Poles, as he recently did during his speech at the UN. The Poles will not allow this.

S. Korea RAIDS American military bases in drug probe...

Just plain wow. Are we seeing US Army - Vietnam 2.0? By that I mean the crazy high drug use that we were once afflicted with. Lowering standards just lets in all kinds of trash into the military. We're fucked.

15th MEU, Royal Marines & Phoenix Police Dept conduct urban ops training...

Note. The Marine Corps is totally tone deaf if they think that this is a good idea. Its extremely alarming to many people to see the Marine Corps AND a local police dept conducting "training ops" in their city. Add to it the fact that the Biden Admin has declared many concerned citizens to be potential domestic terrorists and this is a horrible move, horrible decision and one that will come back and smack the Marine Corps upside the head.

People are locking in on just how fucking HUGE the French Army's Jaguar Recon Vehicle actually is...

Now we know why the French has filled this thing with some many optical devices. IT MUST ATTEMPT TO SEE FIRST AND AT DISTANCE. If not its toast. The reality has to be that this is for out of area operations against 3rd world armies. Against a high tech foe this thing will be killed before things really get started.

Border Patrol Chief is selling bullshit and the troops ain't having it...


Hey Chief fuck you and your 31 years. You're piss poor bro. Do better or get out the way...

Thursday, September 21, 2023

US Army Puts More Tanks in the Pacific Theater to Counter China....The USMC gives up a capability and the Army will assume the role. Is amphibious assault next?

 via Warrior Maven

At first glance, 70-ton Abrams tanks may seem ill-suited for the Pacific theater given its known challenges with mobility, expeditionary operations, mobilization and deployment. The vast ocean areas, island passageways and simple distance between points of interest are such that it might not seem feasible to operate heavy armor, tanks or other mechanized forces with any kind of timeliness or efficiency.

However … Upon a more extensive examination of a handful of key variables of great relevance to the Pacific, the prospect of adding tanks to the region may not be ill-advised at all but rather critical to ensuring long-term stability in the Indo-Pacific.

“I believe that you need the entire inventory of combined arms ground maneuver in order to fight in restricted terrain. Tank and armor capabilities in the Pacific are absolutely necessary for conducting operations out here in restricted terrain. And there is plenty of restricted terrain out here,” General Charles Flynn, Commanding General, US Army Pacific, told reporters recently, according to a transcript provided by the Army.

Story here 

If the Marine Corps won't fight, the US Army will.  

If you believe that using Marine Corps ground forces as a recon-counter recon force will ensure the future of the Corps then you're a fucking idiot.

The only thing left to wonder is this.

With the Marine Corps downgrading its forces to act as a data hub for the "joint force", then when will (not if) the US Army do what must be done and accept the amphibious assault mission.

Ukraine's 82nd Airborne seems to be leading the assault on Russian positions...

Read the entire thread gents... Sounds like a meat grinder to me.

I wonder if unit designations/specialties mean anything anymore.  An airborne unit is being used as mech infantry in the purest sense of the word.

No attempt to conduct ops just behind the forward lines.  

No attempt at raids.

They're just using an airborne unit as a mech infantry outfit.

The same applies for Ukrainian Marines.

No attempt to use them for flanking attacks using the sea as maneuver space.

No attempt to use them to secure areas just behind the forward lines and rush reinforcements in to conduct breakout ops....just using them as regular mech infantry.

If this war is a guide then you only need two types of infantry.  Urban/Trench warfare and Mech Infantry.

Everything else is just chest thumping and as the Brits would say hat badge material or in the US Army something to earn a tab for.

Can you imagine?  A total reorganization and consolidation of US infantry?  The only differences would be found in tabs which would really only indicate schools you've been to?

Imagine signing a contract that says you get to go to Marine School, Airborne School, Ranger School and after all that madness you're headed off to the 3rd ID to be a Bradley Crewman!

The future is gonna be crazy!

No ATACMS for Ukraine...


Hmm. Have to wonder where the story originated that the US WOULD provide ATACMS to Ukraine. It was obviously false and I'm guessing that it was part of some type of pressure campaign to get the administration/Pentagon to relent. We're into a hyper-political part of this fight. Just spitballing here, but if this was an effort by Ukraine to push this thru then we're dealing with a "renegade" ally. No wonder the Poles are trying to put the brakes on them. If my speculation is correct then Ukraine is getting a bit out of control.

The Senate confirmed a few members of the JCS. The vote count on one of the nominees is "interesting"

 via Defense News

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., this week held a series of votes to confirm Gen. CQ Brown as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by an 83-11 vote, Gen. Randy George as Army chief of staff in a 96-1 vote, and Gen. Eric Smith as Marine Corps commandant with a 96-0 vote.


I consider the whole thing about the Senate nominating process turning into a flashpoint and dangerous to national security as comedy on steroids.

Nothing dangerous about letting these dudes perform their duties in an acting role.  If something kicked off they would get the damn thing done regardless and the Senate would let us know that they had done a telephone call vote or some other nonsense to justify it.

But the vote for the Chairman.

That's interesting.

Well the entire thing is interesting.

94 total voted for the Chairman with 11 voting no.  I wonder what the objections were.  I know he was accused of being woke so is that continuing backlash over the BLM comments he made?

The Army Chief vote is curious too.  Who voted against him and why?  From my chair the guy has played it in typical general officer fashion.  Talking in politician speak, pissing off no one and general speaking in a bunch of carefully phrased generalities to be as dull and boring as possible.

Onto Smith and the Marine Corps.  No votes against?  Is this another example of the institutional power of the Corps?

If it is then the boosters of Force Design 2030 better pray to God they got it right and the one region/one fight plan is golden.

If it ain't and a fight happens elsewhere and Marines ain't involved then they will be the designers of the ruined rep of the Corps.

PLA Army's newly unveiled KVD002 armed recon drone has likely participated in patrols and drills around Taiwan island since last year

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

I never knew those big lizards were that fast....

I've seen the documentary films and thought those big lizards were just ambush predators. To see one getting it going like this is a little off putting. They could run down most adults and definitely small children. I guess they go into the category of kill on sight...God knows their "poison" (don't know what else to call it) is brutal enough to make that list.

Well that was a quick win...


The era of Ukraine’s blank check from Congress is over Europe must do more for Ukraine. America has to protect its own border

 via Fox News

In the near term, U.S. military aid must be contingent on European burden sharing and equal European assistance going forward. The U.S. has provided nearly as much military aid to Ukraine – a reported $46.6 billion – as every other nation combined.  

When President George H.W. Bush rallied a coalition to support Kuwait after Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded, Bush crossed the globe constantly, passing the hat and ensuring that nations as far afield as Japan paid their fair share to ensure the world’s energy supply would remain secure.  

We need this administration to bring our allies to meet their pledge to spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense now, today. Unfortunately, Biden’s diplomacy seems to be lagging. The largest European states consistently fail to meet that benchmark, pledged at the 2014 NATO summit in Wales shortly after Russia’s last Ukraine invasion.  

Germany, the largest economy in Europe and the most pivotal balancer to Russia, pulled back at the last minute from enshrining the two percent annual commitment into law. That needs to change – the administration cannot expect American taxpayers to pay for European security indefinitely. 

Story here 

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