Tuesday, November 14, 2023

The hostages are most likely dead...at least the majority. Don't expect mercy from these animals...

Drink the vid in.

Now ask yourself.  Did these men survive?

I seriously doubt it.  If they were tortured and killed then they surely bled out.

If you consider the bodies of the dead as "hostages" then its a fools errand to protest for their return.

They're gone.  The world needs to accept it and it needs to be removed as a bargaining chip.

Warning: Graphic content from Hamas sexual violence on October 7


Monday, November 13, 2023

Before you condemn Israel understand that we DID worse with the full backing of the EU & UN...

Buzz word that has gone out of fashion but is the hallmark of ALL our offensive operations. 


via Wikipedia...
Although Ullman and Wade claim that the need to "[m]inimize civilian casualties, loss of life, and collateral damage" is a "political sensitivity [which needs] to be understood up front", their doctrine of rapid dominance requires the capability to disrupt "means of communication, transportation, food production, water supply, and other aspects of infrastructure",[8] and, in practice, "the appropriate balance of Shock and Awe must cause ... the threat and fear of action that may shut down all or part of the adversary's society or render his ability to fight useless short of complete physical destruction."[9]

Using as an example a theoretical invasion of Iraq 20 years after Operation Desert Storm, the authors claimed, "Shutting the country down would entail both the physical destruction of appropriate infrastructure and the shutdown and control of the flow of all vital information and associated commerce so rapidly as to achieve a level of national shock akin to the effect that dropping nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had on the Japanese."[10]

Israel is conducting "rapid dominance" operations which explains why they are so against pauses in the fight.

Every delay they allow gives the enemy a chance to regain their footing and start to effectively strike back.

Hamas leadership is on the run, unable to organize their defenses or rally assistance in a coordinated manner.

My only bone to pick with the IDF is whether or not their planning has included the massive pushback they're getting worldwide.

They can win the battle of Gaza and lose by putting their economy in a hole that they can't dig out of.

Unfortunately we've shown the way with beyond the pale sanctions.  Sooner or later that will be used against us or an ally. I believe that we'll soon see them used against Israel (they tried before but we were such an economic powerhouse that they stood no chance...we're no longer that economic powerhouse).

Trans people should really rethink their support of Hamas. This happened in Turkey, a modern-moderate Muslim country....


That's the biggest problem with current day America (I guess back to the Bush Jr admin). No one wants to import our culture, even though its being pushed worldwide. Hell many of us don't like our culture! The biggest problem is that their is a cult of "change" that wants it NOW instead of evolving things. That leads to one thing. Chaos. No one will import chaos into their country if they can help it.

Late Open Comment Post. 13 Nov 23

I've been trying to pound this into the heads of people in my church...especially the Deacons and Pastor. Christianity is NOT meant to be a suicide pact. You fight evil you don't surrender to it!

Not even teenagers yet and these kids are fucked for life...


Sorry guys. I believe in redemption stories, but let's be honest here. These kids are fucked for life. Sooner or later they're gonna run across me or someone like me and the spiral begins...assuming they don't do something stupid and get killed. Might seem strange but prayers up for them. That's the only hope they have. The system took part in building them, won't save them and will eventually have to deal with them.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

US base in Syria hit. 5 troops killed?


Thanks to Maria Zakharovka for the link! Austin has been disappointing. His response to the provocations up to this point have been weak...dare I say pussified. If they've spilled American blood then its time to go hard.  

Its time to microfragment a few terror bases along with....lets see...5 US troops killed?  A good start would be to cause at least 5000 deaths and injuries.

This is the fucking Middle East.

Weakness is an aphrodisiac in this region.  You show weakness  and YOU'RE GONNA GET FUCKED!

Hit them hard or get the fuck out but stop with these super power games if you aren't playing to win and make mothers of the enemy cry!

SOCOM Operators died in the helo crash in the Med


Thanks to Maria Zakharovka for the link! Someone always talks and with X being worldwide we will learn about shit (if we know where to look or have "connections" worldwide) before our perspective govts want us to. God Bless to the troops and their families. Rest In Peace guys.

A night of long knives in Ukraine

 Thanks to Cogitans Iuvenis for the link!

via simplicius76

The stakes rise as Ukraine’s internal situation undergoes major turmoil, with opposing factions now openly clashing for power in an increasingly deadly way.

Zaluzhny’s personal right hand man was blown up by a grenade delivered to him via birthday present. Official explanations seek to downplay it as an innocent ‘accident.’ It was the same excuse of ‘accidental horseplay’ implied by Putin to have been responsible for Prigozhin’s death. Naturally, both explanations are 100% phony.


This makes too much sense and is well worth the read.

Looking at this thing its been obvious that things have been going sideways for awhile now.  Many readers have been talking about the manpower shortage which has been confirmed with the talk of Ukraine about to draft its WOMEN to fight in this war (sorry, too old skool to think that's anything but desperation...i guess I need to modernize).

It also explains the DESPERATION and almost foaming at the mouth that we're seeing from the like of people like Sen Graham.

The neo-cons and globalists are gonna take an L in Ukraine but perhaps the peace will allow a prosperous Ukraine that has a foot in both camps and is a friend to all.

Which leaves the bastard Zelensky.

His wife knows the deal.  That dude is gonna end up dead or in exile.  I'm having a hard time figuring out where he will end up. In the US?  Hated and hounded.  In a European country?  Same. If he's smart he'll head to an Asian nation and melt into the background as just another rich European taking advantage of the perks that come from living in the region.  If he can survive for maybe 5 years and is able to dodge the next regime's security apparatus and possibly even the Russian's then he will be just a sad footnote in history.

Open Comment Post. 12 Nov 23

Foreign news is reporting that an E-2D went down killing 5 Sailors...

Myanmar is suffering an insurgency?

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Israel’s 551st brigade from battles inside Gaza

Open Comment Post. 11 Nov 23

Happy Veterans Day

My respect to all that have served. You did the work that most citizens won't do. But I do have a question. For the sake of national unity and to slow the rise of tribalism would you vets be willing to basket several holidays onto the calendar and simply designate days as national holidays instead of recognizing specific groups during individual months? From my chair its becoming a bit chaotic. If you belong to an individual tribe then they could simply do like the Marine Corps does and celebrate that holdiay among their members. What say you?

Are we in the fourth turning?


Note. I've never been big on the "cycle" theory. History might rhyme but it never repeats. It rhymes because human faults are universal and everlasting (while as long as humans exist) which is why things rhyme. One other thing that I find unique in the time period in which we exist (maybe not...humans are inherently evil in their base form), those in power push change thru crisis. Things that would never be allowed during "good" times are fully embraced in times of crisis. We've had back to back crisis over the last few years it seems.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Personal Opinion. If we don't want a wider war then we better put a leash on Netanyahu...

Let me get this outta the way.

I cheered the initial assault into Gaza.  I STILL want Hamas to die. But war is politics and the politics of this thing are turning ugly.

I've been tuned into the Arab news on X and the outcry is like a savage storm.  See much of the same in European news.

Ordinarily I don't give a fuck what anyone has to say when it comes to public opinion and doing what's right.

I think the IDF has drawn enough blood and its time to put a leash on Netanyahu.

I've seen some of the pics of the destruction and estimates of the force of the bombs dropped so far.  Some are claiming that the amount of munitions dropped equals 2 nuclear bombs.

From the amount of destruction I've seen I think they're right.

So what do we have.

1.  The decimation of North Gaza.

2.  A humanitarian catastrophe.

3.  A divided US population on this issue.

4.  A weakened economy.

5.  A major war in Europe.

6.  Support among allies in general and in the Middle East (if you can call any of those bastards allies) evaporating before our eyes.

I know I'm going back on my original thinking but I got new info and that requires a rethink of things.  If we don't get Netanyahu to call off the dogs then Israel will be more isolated than ever, we could be on the verge of a major Middle East war and we could see a dangerous world situation turn sideway.

In short?

I think that in order to save Israel we have to stop Israel.

Are economic warning signs flashing?

Wow. Always thought the bounce back after SHUTTING DOWN THE ENTIRE FREAKING ECONOMY was too good to be true. You just can't turn off the economy and expect there NOT to be any blowback to the action. Let's see. How do we historically get out of a financial downturn? Oh, that's right we get into a good ole' economy churning war. Is that the Middle East I hear calling?

Town in Iceland evacuated over volcano threat

Hmmm. Are the "evil" countries as evil as we've been told or is it all a huge game?

That Time Cuba Offered Doctors to the U.S. After Katrina. And the U.S. Refused
byu/Prudent_Bug_1350 inAntimoneymemes
I never heard this before. IF it is true then they would have helped. Even better? Imagine we had a whole regiment of medical personnel, SKILLED people, that decided they wanted to stay in the US after the crisis had passed. I think that's the kind of immigration anyone would support and Bush Jr was wanting to get an immigration bill passed at the time. IF this is true then it makes ya wonder. Was this another missed opportunity to get Cuba into our camp and the people away from communism?