Saturday, January 27, 2024

Farmers in France are going hardcore...things are getting real


Full court press is on for the Biden immigration bill. Check out this report from a Fox News reporter.

Note. If you trust those idiots at Fox News then you're a fool. They're part of the establishment and do their bidding. They simply pick issues that they want you to focus on. Think about the last few days. They were all over the Trump trial and no one in my circle gives two fucks. They only "added" the news of 25 states siding with Texas just to keep their core viewers with them. All major media is corrupt.

Ukrainian Infantry Woman struggles with getting into an "assaulting" mood while on her period


She better get in the mood, but it won't be a problem. Once she starts getting shot at her period will be the last thing on her mind. Why aren't we seeing any real world talk about female performance in combat since we supposedly have two examples going on at the same time? Since Ukraine is the "peer" example then I would hope all kinds of studies would be going on now. I still find it disgusting that a society would gleefully send its women to war, but that's just my ancient, caveman, ignorant thinking. Everyone else is good with it but I'll happily be wrong solo.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Military discipline is about to take ANOTHER nose dive. Navy to allow those without high school diploma or GED to enlist.

Think about this people. If a youngster isn't disciplined enough to make thru school to get his high school diploma in this day and age then you know he's fucked up. I know there are a FEW exceptions but let's be real. The Navy is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. This new force is supposed to be high tech and now these type of people are being allowed in? Discipline in the service is about to take a real hit and I don't think the officers and senior enlisted are ready. I don't know cause I wasn't there but I've heard old skool dudes talking about some of the shit they were dealing with in the 60s and 70s. That happen in this force? Today? Armed robberies on base, drug use on base, rapes on base and all the other ills on base are gonna explode. All these naval facilities are soon to look like little Chicago. Add this to everything else going on with the military and if I know a young man or woman of worth that is talking about joining the force,  I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to talk them out of it.

Sorry Biden & Senate. NOT FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH!

The US State Dept is only now realizing that UN agencies aid terrorists?


Biden admin is going to try to strangle and starve Texas economically? Good're going to tag the entire south with that plan, especially alot of Dem cities


The Biden admin will be stupid to try.  They might but it will be insanity on steroids.


People don't understand the landscape and how Texas is basically one anchor in the south.  How is that?  Just look at the coast.

You have an entire megaplex of industrial plants that refine oil, plastics and thousands of other things.  The oil and gas industry offshore.

Tying all this together is the I-10 corridor.

So where is this exactly?  Just follow the I-10 east from Houston all the way to Florida.

Starve Texas and you have a ripple effect all along that corridor.  All those industries are intertwined and the amount of truck traffic shows this. 

Additionally you have the port of New Orleans and Houston that supply many Americans outside the south, not to mention the other big ports long the coast.

Ya'll don't understand but we actually get outside down here.  Not just to play but to work.  We are environmentalist with commonsense.

We have industry here that the rest of the country won't touch because of the green freaks that worship the planet instead of God.

But the biggest thing is that the politics are terrible.  This is putting the Senate Republicans in a pickle.  They want to revert to their go along to get along and get into cocktail parties stance but this ain't letting them.

If Biden follows the advice of the idiot left this thing will blow up.

I hope he does.

Pass the popcorn cause people are pissed. 

KTO Rosomak wheeled combat vehicles with ZSSW-30 unmanned turret


China tells Iran to control the Houthis...


Don't get excited. This is self interest at work. World trade is taking a hit. We already have worldwide inflation and shipping costs will go up the longer the Houthis are targeting merchant shipping. The weird thing is that the Houthis cracked the code. You don't go after a nation's warships, you go after world trade. Just imagine that they were really determined to do damage. Just think what would happen if a merchant ship hit a mine! Can you see the US Navy trying to conduct a demining operations while also fighting off drones and anti-ship missiles? THAT WOULD BE A LOOK AT FUTURE NAVAL WARFARE! It won't happen, the Houthis have already slowed down and that part of this saga is almost behind us.

One question though.

Did the US Navy finally stepping up attacks settle this situation or did the late statement by China (which the Biden admin had been begging for help) do it?

From my chair it was the US Navy finally deciding to conduct serious strikes.

China sees how this is going and is looking for cheap brownie points.

Here is ONE identified terrorist of MANY UNIDENTIFIED terrorists that have crossed our border and YOU say this isn't an invasion?


Not too worried. These clowns will be headed to the big cities and I live in a rural area. This isn't for everyone but only for the open border advocates. This is what the Biden admin is letting into our country. These are the people that will be going after you at your work, your homes or your children at school. They're here and the policies that YOU support allowed this travesty. Pain is coming. I hope you reap the whirlwind cause you fucks damn sure sowed the wind.

“They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no head; it will produce no flour. Were it to yield grain, foreigners would swallow it up.
Hosea 8:7

GDLS completes testing of their ARV (press release)

Textron is a home state corporation so they have my backing. I can't lie though. I'm intrigued by the GDLS offering. The hull form alone is worthy of conversation. Having said that Textron is more upfront with the public. They let you see their offering. They give you a peek behind the curtain. (CORRECTED~!~! I had originally posted it as GDLS but it was LOCKHEED MARTIN!!!) GDLS has been in a crouch ever since the ACV competition, for whatever reason and despite them being a premier defense corporation they kinda shit the bed with their entry.  This totally flips my original posting.  I remember the vehicle they presented for the ACV contest.  It was tall --- kinda like an attempt at an amphibious stryker (don't know that for sure). Press release follows.
General Dynamics Land Systems announced today that it has successfully completed testing of its Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV).

Test locations from January to November 2023 included the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC), U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, and Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. 

General Dynamics Land Systems’ ARV capability is designed to serve as the Marine Corps’ “quarterback” on the mobile and multi-domain battlefield. It connects to an array of onboard and off-board sensors, plus uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and, in the future, ground and water robotic systems. The General Dynamics Land Systems design ensures growth margins and modular open architecture to rapidly incorporate new technology as it develops. It also incorporates the company’s Next Generation Electronic Architecture, enabling artificial intelligence functionality and control of robotic systems.


The Russians used underground pipes to infiltrate Ukrainian lines?


Can anyone confirm this encirclement of Ukrainian forces? Haven't heard this anywhere else...but then again Ukraine is backpage news in the US.

The sides line up. Team America vs Team Biden...


I know you think I'm being inflammatory but this has been brewing for awhile now.

The looming constitutional crisis will be blamed on open borders and illegal immigration but from my chair its really a war between the East/West Coast against the middle (for the most part) of America.

The above map basically says it all.  Well kinda.  VA is a lost cause in my book.  The Obama admin flipped that state a long time ago and so many Washington bureaucrats live there that it won't be conservative again for a generation.  Not so sure about SC either.  Ohio is solid except for the big cities (we feel your pain down south) but as far as the rest?  Yeah it fits.

I personally pray that the Speaker of the House (from my state) holds the line and doesn't give in to the bullshit that will be coming from the Senate.

If he does (and he better or he will lose his next election) then this will force the hand of the admin.

Is getting Ukraine more money more important to them than securing the border or is getting more illegals into the country the end all be all for the future of the Democratic party?

We shall soon know.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Open Comment Post. 25 Jan 24


25 Republican governors just signed a joint letter in support of the TX Resistance

How weird is this shit?

Out of all the issues that I thought would cause a fracture of our democracy, immigration wasn't high on that list.  The idea that the Supreme Court would be so short sighted as to NOT address the base issue of the emergency ruling they made and stick only to issuance of what amounts to a "return to the previous status quo" is downright shocking.

With immigration being such a hot button issue for even MAJOR Democrat cities...with New York and Chicago being gut could the Supreme Court ignore this?

This is going to get interesting.  We've seen Dem states and cities defy the US govt with sanctuary status.  We haven't seen conservative states buck the feds...they've bitched but not bucked.

Now we might and on a large scale.

Many will blow this off.  I think that would be a mistake.  President Biden needs to get ahead of this thing but I have no confidence in that.



Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Late Open Comment Post. 23 Jan 24

Textron Systems Amphibious Recon Vehicle Photo Gallery...

British "Household Cavalry" test their new AJAX Armored Fighting Vehicles in Sweden

Ok Brit guys. Is this an APC or IFV. I'm seeing turreted models, models with no turrets and then reading online about everyone yelling to put turrets on the thing. Which way are ya'll going. Additionally if you have this then what is the debate about keeping Warrior around? Do you really need this and Boxer IFVs? No offense but British procurement is wild.

21 Reserve IDF troops killed in Gaza...

Has anyone noticed that the majority of Israeli troops killed in Gaza are reservists? Is it because so much of their force is composed of reservists or are we seeing a difference in training between active and reserve? That debate has always raged in the US but I wonder if the IDF is seeing it happen too.