Saturday, February 17, 2024

Zelensky calls for more long range weapons.


This is one thing I just can't understand. Every few months since the start of this war, Zelensky has been calling for one weapon system after another. He went from more UAVs, to tanks, from tanks to fighters, from fighter to now (and I'm sure I've forgotten more than a few) long range weapons. What the dude actually needs is a coherent battle plan that doesn't waste his infantry and will somehow give his nation the ability to survive AND thrive after the war. Let's say that Ukraine pushes Russia back to its original borders. What then? Do you think that all the Ukrainians that left will flood back in? Do you even think ZELENSKY WILL REMAIN TO HELP REBUILD????

Nato Sec's arrogance is breathtaking...he says the US must deliver what they have promised.


What a fucking tool. The US didn't promise shit. The Biden admin promised it and they KNEW they had to go to Congress to get approval. So did Stoltenberg!  It's been less obvious than with Zelensky but this Stoltenberg has been basking in the glow of this war. His status has risen and he's enjoying it. Best comparison? Anthony Fauci. When everyone was scared shitless over the corona virus that guy attained rock star status. Shortly thereafter the truth comes out and now he's a hated man. I predict that for Stoltenberg. Rock star today, hated tomorrow.

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2d Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment Fox Company Mechanized Assault


Royal Marines are still talking about Ship To Objective Maneuver!


Amazing. The Royal Marines are all about the new recon-counter recon bullshit being pushed. The weird thing? They're not giving up on their land role. That will be the biggest downfall of FD2030. The Marine Corps is attempting to toss away its role in land combat. Land combat and the nation WILL come calling and this idiotic generation of leaders (some sorry fucking Major said "I have skin in the game" so my opinion means more) will watch their people bleed because they wanted to be transformationalist.

Avdeevka is truly a meatgrinder. The future of Ukraine is dying a horrible death there

1. Zelensky should fry in hell. No. He should face the same misery he's sending his troops into. Drink in those photos and realize that these men were ordered to stand and fight. They fought while their leaderships, both military and civilian, were partying with their wives/girlfriends and grabbing as much cash as possible from the military aid that was supposed to provide them support. Turn off this war. 

2. Monetization is just a thing. Tried to post the actual X link to this but its private which I assume is part of the monetization thing. I'm not mad and don't you be either. It's just the way of the world. Google pushed it along with getting into compliance with a myriad of new rules from the EU (what issue it is I don't know) even on this blog. 

3. Turn this war off. To see so many men die holding onto a piece of shit town instead of the focus being on saving the troops and nation is just plain crazy to me. One small town ain't worth the loss of a couple of Regiments. 

4. Ukraine has crossed the point of winning. Look at those pics again. Those are the farmers, engineers, plumbers, doctors, cops, paramedics, teachers, fast food workers...those are the nations workers...the heartbeat and the culture of the nation lying dead. Even if Ukraine wins on the battlefield they've already lost. Turn off this war.

5.  Oh forgot to add.  Avdeevka has fallen to Russia.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Plasan’s All Terrain Electric Mission Module

HDT's Hunter WOLF 2024

Rheinmetall Mobile Air Defence: Oerlikon Skyranger® 30 Firepower

BOXER RCT30: The most advanced 8x8 wheeled armored personnel carrier in the world (KMW vid)


I never realized it but the Boxer is getting a bit long in the tooth. Did you know that the Boxer began development in 1993.

National security demands that the US govt be able to spy on its citizens without a warrant

Yeah that's what happens when you open up the southern border and you let known terrorists in. They created a problem so that they could smash our civil liberties and have pussified Americans cheer them on because they're fearful.

China is supposedly testing a new attack helicopter


Everything is lining up so badly for Force Design 2030. Once located and the MLR will be located, then they will be destroyed at distance without being able to fire a single shot in anger. A forward deployed force with only short range anti-air? If rocket artillery doesn't smash them at leisure then the Chinese Air Force will with either attack helicopters, fighters, or even bombers. If they're busy then they can bombard them at distance with a destroyer. HQMC is bragging on the cost benefit analysis. I think they're wrong. One dead MLR will affect the American psyche much more than the loss (questionable considering how light the anti-ship missile carriage of an MLR is) of a Chinese destroyer on their public.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The Republican to replace disgraced Representative Desantos was a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT???


I read the above tweet and hit on the "the republican is a registered democrat".

I lost my shit.

Surely the Republican party ain't that damn stupid.

Quick google search and I find this from Politico.
But public records uncovered by POLITICO show Pilip has enrolled as a Democrat since 2012.

Pilip currently holds office as a Republican and ran on the GOP ticket for the Nassau County legislator in 2021 and 2023.

Both Pilip and Joe Cairo, the county’s GOP chair, did not respond to numerous requests for comment, including through allies. But the Nassau County Board of Elections’ spokesperson called Playbook on Pilip’s behalf and confirmed she is an enrolled Democrat.

Story here

The Republican Party isn't the opposition party.  It's the illusion party to make Americans believe they have a choice.

Your thoughts on the Palestinians?


Disturbing to some, refreshing to me...Our leadership has a messiah complex. They look all over the world and try and solve everyone else's problems and ignore what's right underneath their noses right here in America.

America first a nationalist slogan?

You're outta your fucking mind!

America first is a call to get our priorities straight!

Japan's Future Amphibious Technology Research (FAT-R) via John Hawkes Twitter Page (Armor Geek Extraordinaire)

Thanks to BAMS for the link!

Read the entire Twitter thread...


The year of fear continues.... Now news of a Russian breakthrough related to space....

This shit is so fucking predictable.

An aid package is passed by turncoat Republican Senators, the House Republicans are trying to stand their ground against an onslaught of War Chicken Republicans, Democrats, Europeans and Ukrainian freaks and out of nowhere we get news that the Russians have made some kind of breakthrough that will tilt the balance?

I'm not buying it.

The only way these anti-American fucks have to pass idiotic bills that make no sense is to scare the American people.  Mark my words.  The next thing you will hear is that the aid package to Ukraine is essential to OUR national security because of this new threat.

The most fucked up part is that it'll work on all the pussified Americans that actually believe every piece of psyops the govt throws their way.

Sidenote.  We have the X-37.  Who in their right mind would think that the Russians, Chinese, Germans, French, Turks, and every other advanced nation wouldn't try and match that capability if not surpass it?  Isn't this the "Competition" that the Pentagon has been talking about?

The year of fear continues...

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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Why does the US Army suck so bad at telling its story?

This battle would be repeated during PT and running the obstacle course in boot camp if it was the Marines. In the Army? Ya got to dig that stuff out for yourself. The US Army has a great story to tell but they suck so bad at doing it. I wonder why?

As Commander Salamander (you really should check out his blog) would say...this is FULL BORE!

For the freaks out there (nazis, kkk'ers..etc..) that will scream oh he posted it because its black history month. Naw. I posted it because I just saw this and since we're in a winter of boring ass military news and LEO news is a bit frustrating I hit this up. Full disclosure. I'm all for banning all "months". Black, Hispanic, LBGT....fuck I'm to the point of just giving us numbered holidays to take all the idiocy out of the thing. Most folks just want the days off anyway.