Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Is this a bad mom or does she have a point?


The readers on this blog are suprisingly liberal to me. Trying to see how my views compare to some on this thing. Is this a bad mom or does she have a point?

Monday, February 26, 2024

OK. Shit is getting goofy. Russia arrested a man for the attempted assassination of Tucker Carlson on behalf of Ukrainian Intel

Well the source is solid. This guy is a journalist that became famous because he asked questions of White House Press Sec and not only did she refuse to answer him, resorted to not even calling on him and basically stuffing him in the back of the room. I thought they had yanked his press credentials but obviously I was wrong.

Propaganda by the Russians?  Maybe but I truly believe that the Ukrainians are getting frisky and I also believe that many power brokers here in the US wouldn't mind see Tucker die.

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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Zelensky says 31K Ukrainian soldiers killed since start of war? Compared to an estimated 450K Russian killed/injured?

This makes no sense. How can the numbers be so low.

Is this Ukrainian MP's assessment correct or another play to push for more weapons

The arrogance is breathtaking


How do you declare YOURSELF a historic figure? Has anyone ever done that before? The arrogance!

Canadian Armor @ Op Assurance

Didn't even know the Canadians still had tanks...

Rise in "soldier's justice" in the Russian Army on the frontlines?


Well this is a bit disturbing. A few punches I've heard of but hanging? Being left out to freeze? I thought the fragging shit was wild but this? I don't get it. To take it a step further I expected to SEE Russian officers being shot or experiencing accidental explosions (kinda difficult to be ordered to assault a position for days on end, watching your buddies die, wondering how many more rolls of the dice you have before its your turn and not get pissed) but to do this to the dudes you're with in the trenches? WILD!

China uses a movie to push a fitness craze while we embrace fat acceptance

Have you ever seen videos of high school physical ed classes? If you're of a certain age do you remember you high school physical ed classes? Have you ever done the test to receive the Presidential Physical Fitness Award?

I'm not sure but all of that seems to have fallen by the wayside.  Additionally if you look at the general public all you see are people that are either obese or approaching it.

I blame American eating style and poor food choices.

But the govt hasn't done its part.  Have you noticed what they've pushed in school.  Have you noticed the different movement like "fat acceptance" and "body shaming"?

It's quite distressing.  We seem to be losing to the Chinese on so many levels.  We're so concerned (rightfully) about the military aspect of things but what about the rest of it?  In my view we're losing even bigger in the "soft" aspect of things.

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Latvian Battle Group @ Ares Strike


Saturday, February 24, 2024



Thanks to Carlton for the link! 

Things are looking bad for the Ukrainians. Wonder why the MSM is soft peddling this. They're strong arming Congress hard but refusing to tell the American people the dire straits that Ukraine is in. I think I know why. Most people really don't care. We need to solve our shit first --- at least before helping anyone else including Ukraine.


Hailey is sticking around for two TRY and knock down Trump and to keep the primary contest open so the trials can continue

 Its obvious now.

The only reason why Hailey is sticking around is because she's a creature of the DC swamp, she's a globalist, the Dems luv her (monied class too) and to keep the primary contest open so that the Federal Trial can continue.

That's it.

That female is done.  She has no chance and she knows it but the money will continue to flow.

She is aiding the democrats and the globalist in their efforts to keep Trump off the ballot.

My prediction?

Biden will now act to give the image that he's trying to solve the border issue.  He has to.  It's too big an issue.  The only thing I question is whether or not he will be forced to deport all the thugs and terrorists he let in.

The prosecutors of the federal trial will attempt to accelerate things. The case in Georgia fell apart.  No chance of that resurrecting.  They have to get that thing moving or they will have to freeze it or the Justice Dept will be accused of interfering with the election due to their prosecution of the candidate that the Republican party put forward.

It was a nice little plan they put together they just put it together too late.  Ya know the perfect plan too late is a bad plan jazz.

The only thing I wonder about is Nikki.  Why would she burn herself so badly with such a sizeable part of her party.  We've seen what happens to Republicans that try and make the switch. It always end up badly and they're like a whore that's been used by every member of a Rifle Platoon....a fucking mess on the floor that gets tossed off the 2nd floor balcony.

Nikki is done politically.  She can only count on jobs in the UN or academia.  The plan is fried.  They can't accelerate the court case in time for Trump to be declared the Republican candidate for President.

I'm repeating myself.  Good plan just too late.

SEAL Carrier

This shit was crazy! It had to be more than just running a minor traffic violation stop

Zelensky interview with Bret Baier....look how nervous he gets when talking about elections!


As soon as elections were brought up this guy damn near lost his composure. It's crazy to see. Something is really off with this dude. I'm betting that Baier went off script with that question.

Chaotic Retreat Of The Ukrainian Army. Military Summary 2024.02.24

Thanks to Carlton for the link! 

A couple of reader have called this for at least a couple of weeks and I'm right with them. We could be on the verge of seeing a collapse of the Ukrainian Army. They only have one solution. They need to fall back to defendable lines as quickly as possible. Mine the area behind them to slow down the Russian advance and hide behind their artillery to bleed them as much as possible. Forget attacking airfields and concentrate on their supply line to the MAX! If they're not supporting troops under fire then they need to hammer every part of the their supply chain. Anything else is just plain stupid.


Every high civilization decays by forgetting obvious things.


The Dems are worried they're losing the black vote....


This has been a long time coming but its much too late. With the recent influx of illegals, blacks are set to become a minority in big cities. No that's incorrect. Within a generation that will be less than 8% of the population in EVERY state and below 3% in a great many places. The so called black leadership sold the community a bill of goods. Even worse is that while black men have been migrating to the Republican party for awhile now, black women will find that while the favored class now, they will soon be pushed down the food chain in favor of others.

The horrible thing is that the Dems will hardly notice.  They have imported their new voter base.  This election is the last one where they will even notice black voters.