Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pic of the day. July 17, 2011.

11th MEU is either dialing up the training like a bunch of raving madmen (I like that) or else the Public Affairs Office is really hitting on stories that are catching my interest.  Either way, their upcoming deployment will be one worth watching.  I don't know the CO of this unit from Adam but it appears that he's about to put the Special Operations Capable back into the MEU(SOC) concept.  And that my friends is long overdue.

Marines from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit's maritime raid force prepare to depart a raid site in a CH-46E Sea Knight during a night training operation here July 15. The MRF, along with a section of the unit's aviation combat element, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 268 (Reinforced), and command element, are taking part in a large-scale exercise with ocean and urban-based scenarios.  Photo by Lance Cpl. Ryan Carpenter

Quote of the day. July 17, 2011.

Thanks Phil!   via SLDInfo.

SLD: As a Harrier pilot, could you comment on the potential arrival of
the F-35Bs [Eglin AFB]?
Col. Tomassetti: It is ultimately disappointing constantly to see in the
news all of the things that the F-35B hasn’t been able to achieve yet or can’t
do and people completely missing what we’ve already achieved.

The fact is that we have a STOVL airplane that every pilot who has flown it
says that it’s easy to fly. In 60 years of trying to build jet airplanes and
do this, we’ve never ever been there before. We’ve never had a STOVL
airplane that was as full spectrum capable as it’s conventional
counterparts. We’ve never done that before in 60 years of trying.
It’s an amazing engineering achievement; [what] we’ve already accomplished
is completely being missed by some observers.”
That about wraps it up.

To think that you have NOTED, once RESPECTED, and LAUDED aviation writers from a number of publications that have missed this truth is amazing.

I contend that they haven't missed it.  Its been ignored.  Its been ignored as part of a larger agenda.