Saturday, November 12, 2011

US Marines and Australian Navy's LHD.

Thinking more and more about the USMC's move to northern Australia and the training opportunities that provides.

One thing everyone seems to be overlooking is the opportunity to network with not only the Australian Army but also its Navy.  Imagine the shock in China if they ever see a USMC MEU partially embarked aboard an Australian Navy LHD?

What's going on with the BAE/Iveco Defense SuperAV 8x8???


I need your help.

I'm ready to declare the BAE/Iveco SuperAV 8x8 vapor ware.

I see plenty of nice mock ups....I see it at exhibits and shows....but I haven't seen it anywhere.

Have you?  I heard a rumor that it was at Pendleton doing tests but haven't been able to run it down.  Sent a letter to BAE but they ignore/don't respond.  I even asked Sean over at Aviation Week to hook me up with one of his European reporters to see if he heard anything.  Nothing.  No news.  No sightings...nothing.

Is this vehicle still in play or has Iveco packed its bags and stepped away from the competition?

1st Serial HAD French Tigre Attack Helicopter

Beware of Imposters.

Beware of imposters!


Never thought that it would happen on military focused blogs.  But this F-35 discussion seems to bring out the troll in the worst of people.

Fellow Blogger SMSgt Mac faced an imposter over at Defense Tech.  SMSgt Mac has been pretty much neutral on the issue of the F-35.  What he has done that's brought this attention is the fact that he's been able to reliably and effectively call bullshit when false statements are made.

You can't switch between different accounting systems with this guy and get his eyes rolling with madness at the minutiae of it all.  He's able to easily keep up and refute the bastards at every turn.

So consider this an official apology to SMSgt Mac at Elements of Power.  I should have known better.